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Profile planner reflow profiling software description. Thermal profiling solutions for reflow wave soldering. A single screen presents the full results for the reflow or wave profile with alarms to indicate any out of limits results so no time is wasted when. Reflow soldering is a process in which a solder paste a sticky mixture of powdered solder and flux is used to temporarily attach one or thousands of tiny electrical components to their contact pads, after which the entire assembly is subjected to controlled heat. The dwell temperature of the solder alloy needs to be reached at all solder joints present on the board.

The solderstar pro includes the ultra compact neptune sl datalogger with unique smartlink connector system. The thermal profile is often measured along a variety of dimensions such as slope, soak, time above liquidus tal, and peak. Kics optimization software does a complete search for all possible combinations of oven zone temperatures and conveyor speeds. Reflow soldering profile setup and optimisation software solderstar.

Autoseeker profile optimisation software this simulation tools enables the user to make virtual changes to temperature and conveyor speed parameters and view the effects of those changes on the thermal profile and process. Reflow soldering, like wave soldering, is not a new manufacturing process. Users are advised to optimize their own board level parameters to get proper reflow outcome. Its condition is used, second hand, surplus, or refurbished. Introduction reflow process overview selection of solder paste. When you put cdrom on a pc, malcom software installer automatically starts. Preheat temperature min t smin temperature max t smax time t smin to t smax 150. The profiling software 2g will not overwrite the former profiling software v1. Now featuring the new kic x5 profiler and kic x2 profile setter. Reflow soldering is the most widely used method of attaching surface mount components to printed circuit boards pcbs. By examining the graphic output of the units software, operators can adjust oven parameters to best optimize production and ensure best product quality. Direct connection of the interface unit to a printer allows for pcless printing of your recorded reflow curve, or connect to a pc for analysis using software.

The spec sheets for these machines tell the story of impressive features and capabilities such as flux management, gas flow management, static pressure control, active cooling zones, duallane independent speed control, low nitrogen usage, etc. Product information temperature profiler reflow checkermodular type rcx1. The hybrid industry has used and refined the art of reflow soldering for many years. Reflow soldering is the most common process used by manufacturers and repair shop to mount electronic components on a printed board circuits and reflow is the stage of reflowing solder where the solder or solder paste changes its state from solid to liquid at the high heat temperature to make solder. Malcom offers new concept reflow oven measurement system. Kic is a technology company working to make reflow ovens smarter through thermal profiling, automation and optimization solutions. Insight software flexibility with ease of use all of the variants of the reflow insight software benefit from an intuitive user interface, with wizards to guide the infrequent user if needed. Thermal profiler for reflow soldering smt temperature profiler. Upon receipt of your completed form, you will receive a demonstration license number and download link, which will allow you to install the software. Standard reflow profile for standard and leadfree packages. When using the reflow oven temperature profile prediction function, set the. China reflow profiler manufacturers select 2020 high quality reflow profiler products in best price from certified chinese kic thermal manufacturers, reflow solder suppliers, wholesalers and factory on. The following is an explanation of the kind of faults that can occur when everything appears to be.

Smartlink allows high measurement channel configurations, while maintaining a small footprint and connection to a range of accessories for capture of spc information from both reflow and wave soldering processes. Reflow temperature profiler and software for smt profile setup, optimisation and verification. We offer a range of smart profiling devices which can be combined to provide a powerful set of process control instrumentation for each of the soldering processes you wish to setup and control. Solder profiles and oven parameters for the ecreflowmate.

Software demo downloads profiling before downloading your free temperature profiling and analysis demo software, you will be prompted to complete a brief form. Reflow soldering profile setup and optimisation software. This software is required for creating profiles that can be viewed with kics new mobile profile viewer app. Solder star, solderstar pro reflow profiler, the solder. This page lists the things you need to do to optimize a reflow profile of a target board, including making a virtual reflow profile, checking solder joint quality, testing the boards thermal shock and mechanical reliability, and adjusting parameter set up. The above specifications are subject to change without notice. There should be enough distance between the profiler and profile pcb to avoid any interference from profiler thermal mass. Malcom total monitoring system for reflow process control tmr malcom has developed a set of tools for the monitoring of your reflow process control. Reflow oven profilers how important is reflow oven profiling to producing quality circuit boards. Map software, making it a complete solution for reflow oven verification. At the heart of all solderstars profiling solutions lies the powerful and intuitive profile central software suite.

Profile planner reflow profiling software was added in may 2015. For use by reflow oven operators, technicians and engineers who need a reflow oven thermal profile. Triggering your data run with your profiler, conveying through a reflow oven, uploading data to your software and software overview. Rt04 reflow oven temperature profile recorder is an extremely useful tool for tuning the soldering process of smt boards. Special program by the system, displayed on the screen the same oxygen concentration, wind speed camera images. Reflow ovens and wave solder machines come in a huge variety of flavors and price points. Kic thermal reflow oven profile tools, fixtures, and accessories make it easy to record and store accurate records of your reflow oven temperature profile for each job, shift, sample, or pcb. Malcoms reflow monitoring systems provide solutions for ensuring your reflow process is.

The profile planner is an microsoft excel workbook application that allows you to match solder paste specifications and oven specifications. Solder profile for lead free reflow process figure 1 classification reflow profile for smt components refer to ipcjedec jstd020e table 1 classification reflow profiles profile feature pbfree assembly average rampup rate t smax to t p 3c second max. A software option tam2r is available which allows the operator to analyse the results of reflow temperature simulation. Product information temperature profiler reflow checkermodular type rcx1 rcx1. Malcom tmr prediction software software to be used in conduction with the tmr monitoring system. Profiling for successful bgacsp rework er the route of the yield problems was due to the plastic bga warping during reflow. With offices across the globe, kic is ready to become your partner in oven based manufacturing. A thermal profile is a complex set of timetemperature data typically associated with the measurement of thermal temperatures in an oven ex. There are different arguments for profiling in a full load oven or an empty oven. However, with the advent of surface mount technology smt, reflow soldering has expanded in the number of types and has been studied, refined and explored as never before. Process instruments reflow tracker fluke corporation.

Rs1 reflow simulator allows the operator to observe reflow in a simulated reflow environment. Standard reflow profile fo r standard and leadfree packages the reflow here in provided is for reference only. Match solder paste specifications and oven configurations to provide robust process profiles. Profiling for successful bgacsp rework okinternational. An excessive source temperature on the topside of the pcb caused this. Time and temperature are very important variables in soldering printed circuit boards. May 18, 2017 with insight software for reflow tracker collect temperature data for your spc statistical process control and show your reflow soldering process is in control, measured against the reflow. Lightweight and portable reflow checker for lead free applications. Reflow software free download reflow top 4 download. The patented ecd ovenrider is the only system that will capture all critical information on oven performance. Map software is designed to be easytouse, flexible and robust.

The maximum measuring time does not consider the thermal resistance, and this is not the time allowed for measurement inside the reflow furnace. The profiling software 2g is kics latest software that is used with the sps smart profiler, x 5 and k 2 profilers. Software demo downloads profiling fluke process instruments. Its been a topic talked about as long as ive been in reflow, which has been 30 years. Profile planner reflow profiling software has been viewed 791 times.

It is important to bring the circuit board assemblies up to a high enough temperature for a long enough period to effectively solder the components to the board. Direct printing from the interface unit can be done using any pictbridge compatible printer. Reflow soldering process considerations for surface mount. Ovenrider travels through your oven collecting air temperature, heat flow and conveyor speed data. I have been attempting to buy a profiler for some time now, but i run into the weve done ok without one till now excuse. Ovenchecker reflow process verification logo ovenchecker. Reflow software free download reflow top 4 download offers free software downloads for windows, mac, ios and android computers and mobile devices. Based in milwaukie, oregon, the company is a pioneer in the design, development, and manufacture of advanced thermal profiling systems and software used to monitor and analyze process temperatures in various industries including electronics, solar, baking, among others. Per package qualification maximum number of reflow can be done on microsemi soc products group packages is 3. Solder profiles to be able to solder using a chamber oven like the ecreflowmate it is important to understand that. Our unique dataloggers can be used for reflow, wave, selective and vapour phase soldering and provides a common software platform to streamline the capture and analysis of profiling information from the shop floor. It selects the very best oven setup for each new product within seconds. Anyway, however youre reflowing, this is phil zarro and jim hall of itm consulting and board talk, saying whatever you do and whatever your rate of heating is, dont solder like my. Your profile will depend upon many factors including paste chemistry, customer requirements, component limitations, oven.

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