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The new pod has arrived, after three long years of waiting ever since the. View and download line 6 pod hd500x edit pilots manual online. Pod hd500x recording equipment pdf manual download. With 512 presets and endless ways to combine, loop, customize, and control your signal and onboard hd effects, this multifx unit is a sonic. Line 6 pod hd500x hd500 connections by line6tony, october 18, 2011 hd. Each section is relativelyindependent of the others and are linked when there are crossreferences. Line 6 pod hd500x guitar multieffects pedal zzounds.

Very versatile line 6 pod hd500x dual amp patch based on the fender bassman amp. Online help takes you directly to the line 6 community site, the place to find. The instant rebate will be reflected in the final purchase price at the time of sale. For those who want it all, the line 6 fully loaded bundle contains every pod hd model pack availableall in one amazing collection. On mac, go to applications line 6 pod hd500x edit on windows, go to the start button menu programs line 6 pod hd500x edit upon launch, the application will detect your pod hd500x and automatically retrieve and load its saved presets. Very versatile line 6 pod hd500x dual amp patch based on the blackface dbl fender twin and classa 15 vox ac15. If you dont want to read the manual but just jump straight into your hd500x then this short video will let you do just that. Explore tons of different sounds and tones with the line 6 pod hd500x amp modeling multieffects pedalboard. The effects in this gallery feature a tonal heritage of the past fifty years of amplifier and effects design. Pod hd500x edit help launches this pdf document you are now reading. Rugby, warwickshire, united kingdom, cv 21 3rq 26580 agoura road, calabasas, ca 921921 usa.

This screen displays the fx andor presets that are currently assigned to your pod hd500x footswitches fs1 through fs8. Page 1 hd500x edit pilots guide a guide to the features and functionality of the line 6 pod hd500x edit application. View and download line 6 pod hd500 advanced manual online. Line level inputs should allow you to turn pod hd500x master volume up all the way. Pod hd500 14inch outputs into line level, not microphone or guitar level inputs. Line 6 pod hd500x guitar multieffects processor wdlx pedal bag and 2 18. Line6 pod hd ita manuale in italiano per line6 pod. Line 6s own driver software also allows for latency.

Line 6 pod hd500x guitar pedal the line 6 pod hd500x delivers more power to inspire your creativity. I want to connect a line 6 pod hd500, and i was hoping to be able to easily switch over bypass to the marshall straight in. Este manual trata del pod hd500x con memoria flash version 1. Line level inputs should allow you to turn pod hd500x master volume up all the way or close to it and thereby get the best sound possible. Adding additional processing power to the best selling pod hd500. Your privacy is important to yamaha guitar group, inc. You may request access to your personal information and request that erroneous or inaccurate personal information be updated. Line level inputs should allow you to turn pod hd500 master volume up all the way or close to it and. Note that footswitches fs5 fs8 will only transmit your configured midi assignments when pod hd500x midi. Here are a few pointers before you install the software. Top and bottom switch circuit board assembly for line 6 pod hd500x guitar floor multieffects pedal. Wilson plumbing heating edinburgh line 6 hd500 manual pdf. The auto option dynamically sets the input impedance to match the input impedance of the very first amp or fx model in your pod hd signal chain.

Featuring brand new hd amp modeling, line 6 pod hd. I know its probably not really fair overall because most people wouldnt notice any. It is best used as an onhand reference for any given task you are attempting to. If youd like to tune to a reference other than standard 440hz, select from 425 to 455hz.

View and download line 6 pod hd500x quick start manual online. Line 6 pod hd500x multieffects processor pedal reverb. This way we get a three point reference since the popular comparison is line 6 to fractal. Variax guitars when connected into the pod hd500x variax digital input. For more helpful videos and tutorials about the pod hd series check out.

The variax and variax mag input source options are provided for line 6. This send parameter can then be used to further fine tune the level fed to your connected devices. How to create and save a preset on the line 6 pod hd500. Use the line stomp switch on the back of pod hd500 to choose between levels for rack fx versus pedals. You get crushing highgain metal amps, vintage amps. Line 6 pod hd 500 manual portugues line 6 pod hd 500x 500 400 300 instalando drivers, configurando, gravando o. Line 6 pod hd500x guitar multieffects processor guitar center.

Pod hd500x to remotely control other hardware or software, such as line 6 m, m9, pod farm 2 plugin, another pod hd500x or hd pro device, or any other line 6 or 3rd party products that respond to external midi control. How to save and load your pod hd500x hd500 presets to and from your computer by line6tony, january 20, 2012 pod. Hd500x gsp1101 i had one for a while, i really liked the chorus on it and the fast preset changes monstatone, mar 18, 2014. Pod hd500x advanced guide pod hd500x edit pilots guide pod hd500x pilots guide pod hd500x edit installer guide. Line 6s pod hd500 used to be their pride and joy, but their flagship multifx pedal has now been superseded by a newer version, boasting improved dsp power and the expected set of well. Rev b electrophonic limited edition 20 line 6, inc.

Line 6 has updated its flagship floorbased pod hd 500 modeller, beefing up the dsp power and adding more professional build quality to an already successful unit. The bottom line in addition to offering a staggering variety of proquality amp models and effects, the line. Line6 pod hd ita line6 pod hd500x manuale italiano download pdf category music. Shop for the line 6 pod hd500x guitar multieffects processor and receive free shipping on your order and the guaranteed lowest price. View and download line 6 pod hd500x pilots manual online. The line 6 pod xt, marketed as the ultimate tone for guitar, is a comprehensive modeler, an approximation of everything under the sun from the birth of rock and roll to.

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