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A sales representatives will be in touch with a link to download. The ebeam edge should be placed on the far right or left side of the projected image, with a 2 inch space between the receiver and projected image. The ebeam m330ap0000001 ebeam edge plus with marker pack transforms any flat surface into a plugnplay, interactive teaching experience. Confirm that the light on your receiver is glowing blue. The ebeam edge plus is the latest, most advanced in the edge product line, taking interactivity to a whole new level. Smartmarker complete adds the basic unit and the marker pack into one product. The luidia ebeam edge, on the other hand, can turn any projection screen into. It works with the ergonomic ebeam stylus, designed for natural and comfortable.

The smartmarker allows you to easily and effortlessly share whiteboard doodles, drawings, million dollar ideas and concepts. It consists of a few small, easily portable equipments that allow users to whiteboard on any flat surface, from anywhere they are. This is a setting in both chrome and firefox, not sure why its not in edge. Use the display bracket to make just about any led or lcd screen interactive. The scrapbook software is easy to use and although i had to download the ubuntu software it was not at all difficult to set up and get working. Luidias ebeam interactive white board is a portable solution. The ebeam edge can be either be attached to the whiteboard using the command adhesive backing or if the board is magnetized, it can be directly attached to the surface. Luidia ebeam interactive whiteboard software for any surface. You can send all the pages you have created or just a range, in pdf, jpeg. With a builtin rechargeable battery and a usb to connect to your computer, room setup is flexible and easy. The software is compatible with windows 7 xp vista 2000 operating systems and higher. What is wrong when your ebeam edge usb doesnt calibrate. For more details, please see the ebeam edge quickstart guide pdf, 340 kb.

Download software applications for luidias ebeam meeting solution products. Luidia ebeam edge plus wireless complete m330ap0000001 brings interactivity to any surface, quickly transforming your classroom or meeting room into a dynamic and fully interactive environment. Import image files, pdf files, powerpoint files, excel files, word files, and many. Note that some functions of ebeam interactive software cannot be used in the wt615, and. Id prefer a straightforward how to xx with microsoft edge manual, preferably in pdf format. This ebeam interactive software has been developed for the personal computer to operate in connection to the wt615, and therefore, the description is partly different from the online help for ebeam interactive software. Ive submitted feedback on this, but after sending that in i started to wonder if it was already there and id missed the setting. Transform existing classroom whiteboards and walls into interactive teaching spaces with the ebeam edge for education. By clicking complete download you agree to the enduser license. Inscribe allows users to perform familiar mouse functions and utilize all the features and functionality of standard software applications from anywhere in a conference room, classroom, or large meeting space. Create, capture, edit and distribute all of your notes and ideas easily. In addition, the complete results of both surveys will be discussed by an expert panel later today during the ebeam initiatives annual members meeting held in conjunction with the spie photomask technology symposium, and will be available for download following the meeting at. Four scrapbook view options page and thumbnails view. With ebeam edge plus wireless complete you get all of the benefits of the edge plus wireless and the whiteboard marker pack.

The ebeam edge system includes a sleek receiver with lightningfast response time and pixelperfect precision. Features ebeam edge plus wireless the new edge plus is the most revolutionary tool for interactive whiteboards, collaboration, team communication, brainstorming and sharing tool available. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to. Plug the bluetooth usb key that came with your ebeam edge product into a usb port on your pc. Utilising your computer, data projector and existing writeandwipe whiteboard or flat white classroom wall the ebeam makes interactive affordable for every. Stream anything you write or draw on your whiteboard or surface with regular dryerase markers. Luidia ebeam edge plus wireless complete future micro. Buy the latest interactive whiteboard products by ebeam and the latest physical writing capture products by equil. Bluebeam revu, an aec standard workflow solution bluebeam, inc. Luidia ebeam edge plus digital board capturing system stylus pc m310ap0000001.

The ebeam edge system includes a sleek receiver with lightningfast response time, pixelperfect precision, and the ability to capture an area up to 9 by 5 feet, or 123 diagonal. It includes software applications that allow you to annotate lessons. The software is free to download, although its only available for. Its a handwriting capture system that adds an interactive element to whatever youre viewing on your wall, allowing you and your colleagues to annotate. Bluebeam revu is a pdf markup and editing software designed. The ebeam m320ap0000001 edge plus usb transforms any flat surface into an interactive teaching experience. Set up the marker pack for physical whiteboard capture. Starboard interactive whiteboard software download starboard software from the download, windows, mac and linux page.

Nov 17, 2012 java project tutorial make login and register form step by step using netbeans and mysql database duration. Using your whiteboard as a virtual touchscreen see ebeam softwares projection mode. Check the position of the ebeam edge on the whiteboard. Transform your meeting or classroom into a dynamic environment where colleagues and students can. Download the ebeam software for your interactive board here for free. Adding the marker sleeves lets you add color as your creating your masterpieces. Permanently mounted interactive whiteboards are expensive, require educators to work within a predefined space and dont allow for the use of dry erase markers. The ergonomic ebeam stylus is designed for natural and comfortable writing, drawing, and computer navigation with any industryspecific software tools. Is my ebeam edge usb glowing green on the front of the receiver. Mar 10, 2016 im tying to locate a user guide for the new edge browser. The marker pack includes a large eraser, four marker sleeves, and a multicharge cradle that charges the 4 sleeves and sensor at the same time. Once you have completed these eight troubleshooting steps and are still not able to calibrate, please.

Has anyone found a way to download a pdf file in the edge browser rather then view it in the edge browser. Make sure the ebeam receiver is centered vertically, and parallel to the edge of your image. Printing the entire meeting, or just the current page to a connected printer. Keep an eye on the site for the latest software versions. The most powerful interactive whiteboarding solution. Use your whiteboard as an interactive screen and a digital copyboard. The ebeam receiver is not only powerful but compact, so the entire system is portable enough to carry in a laptop case. In addition, the complete results of both surveys will be discussed by an expert panel tomorrow during the ebeam initiatives annual members meeting held in conjunction with the spie photomask technology symposium, and will be available for download following the meeting at.

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